Wednesday, December 11, 2013


My audience (meaning, I suspect, both my wife and my mother) notes that it has been TWO MONTHs since I've posted anything.  Time flies.  There is a good reason which I will not address now, but it may well may change the character of Docket Dynasty for a few months.  Who knows, perhaps it will be more interesting!

I wouldn't have thought that trial practice and a high school English class would have much in common, but it it seems they occasionally do.

I have posted before about the purgatory that is Trial.  Murphy is always hard at work ensuring that anything that can go wrong will.   Need to play a video for the jurors?  Did it work two seconds before the jury came back in?  It won't work now.  Have you created a brilliant closing, replete with choreographed video, background music and interpretive dance?  The timing will falter, the music won't play and the dancer will trip.  There is NOTHING in the wide world of sports than can make you sweat like a snafu in the middle of trial.  Competitive swimmers can look relatively dry in comparison.

Having just finished the book "Lord of the Flies", my daughter's English teacher had her students put one of the main characters on trial.  Naturally, my daughter was assigned as the "prosecutor" and worked diligently with her team to make the case.   Her text to me after the trial:

"Dad, we WON....It was horrible.  The copier wouldn't work, so we couldn't get everyone copies and then I dropped the papers and they went everywhere....but we WON!

I know the feeling.

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